1. Can You Have Someone Pick Us Up From The Airport And How Much Will It Cost?
Airport transfer rates included. We would like to say here that it is very important that you not only give us your flight arrival time but also your flight number. There has been numerous times we have been waiting at the airport not knowing that the flight was actually delayed or even that the guest had missed the fight.

2. How Do We Know The Exchange Rate Since The Rate Is In USD?
We normally use for the rate into Malaysian Ringgits

3. We Are Coming On A Very Late Flight. Is A Transfer Still Possible?
Yes. But feel free to be amused when you see me at the airport in my pyjamas.

4. We Are Departing On A Very Early Flight. Is A Transfer Still Possible?
No worries. But excuse me if I am grumpy on the drive to the airport. 3.00 am transfers are not funny at all.

5. How Far Is The Farm From The Airport?
It will take 45 minutes to the farm, less in light traffic.

6. How Far Is It To Kuching City?
The city is 30 minutes away.

7. Can You Please Confirm Your Rental Rates?
Our accommodation rates are as you see published on our website.

8. What Happens If We Decide We Don’t Want To Drive?
If you are unsure then please reconsider your intention to stay with us. We will not accept any responsibility should you tell us at the very last moment. Or we can get a driver/guide for you. I need to remind you that coming to stay with us does not mean you will be dusting off your long forgotten driving skills nor does it mean that we welcome any stunt drivers who feel the need to trash our personal cars to the maximum.
And also please be considerate. If you have a puncture please let us know if you changed the tyre. Leaving the punctured tyre in the boot is not a pleasant surprise for the next guest who uses the car. Anyway we do not charge for simple things such as patching the tyre.

9. How Do I Pay The Deposit?
We require a minimal 50% deposit before being able to confirm your booking. My bank details as follows:-

The Kebun
Maybank (Malayan Banking Berhad)
Bank Account Number: 511234127462
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Bank Address: No 65 – 67, Lot 3179 – 3181, Block 10, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak.
Bank Contact: +608-242 1975

If your bank ask you for ‘IBAN’ number (Malaysia Banks only use Swift Code) then use the same swift code but add XXX at the back like this MBBEMYKLXXX

The Kebun Address: 22 – 25 Kampung Rayu Melayu, Jalan Hidupan Liar, Kubah Matang 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia
Contact: +6014-886 6633 (Adrian)

10. Do I need an International Driving License?
Tourist are allowed to drive with their regular driving license for a maximum 3 months from the date of their arrival

11. Do You Accept Credit Cards?
No we do not. Our business is too small to qualify for a merchant account with any bank. Further there is no land line available to use with such a card processing machine. We only accept cash (or bank transfers.) or even Western Union.

Please make sure that your bank has been informed that you are travelling and will be using your credit/debit cards. There have been a number of times when Guests arrived and found they could not use their cards.

Please also note that ATM’s here only allow withdrawals of up to Ringgit Malaysia 1500 ONLY every 24 hours. And PLEASE realise that making a withdrawal the previous day at 2.00 PM means that you will only be able to make another withdrawal AFTER 2.00 PM the following day.

12. What Vaccinations Do I Need?
Guest often have the impression on the Internet that Borneo is a disease ridden island. Malaria and Dengue are very rarely reported in Sarawak, much less in Kuching. But if you feel you need to protect yourself then please take whichever vaccinations you think you need. For your information there have never been any reports of Rabies on the whole island. My personal recommendation is that you at the minimum get a Tetanus Vaccination.

13. Since We Eat Very Little And Will Be Exploring Only Nearby National Parks So Using Very Little Fuel. Is It Possible To Get A Good Discount?
First Fuel Is At Your Expense As Mentioned On The Website. We Fill The Tank Full And Expect A Full Tank For The Next Customer. Second, It Might Perhaps Be Best For You To Stay Instead At One Of The Nearby National Parks Since They Have Hostels With Bunk Type Open Dorms Which Are Very Cheap. There Is No Food Available There So It Might Be A Good Thing Since You Mentioned About Eating Little Then Perhaps You Can Pluck Some Jungle Fruits And Drink From The Streams As You Do Your Hikes? In Addition I Have Included Below The Very Unreliable Bus Schedule For Between These Parks. If You Have Trouble Booking There Please Let Me Know As I Will Be More Than Happy To Help You Secure A Bed At Anyone Of The National Parks.

14. What Is Your Check Out Time Since We Have A Late Flight?
We do not have a fixed check out time. If you have a late flight out then we will be more than happy for you to check out as late as needed UNLESS there is a check in to the same accommodation earlier to your departure. If this happens we will advise you as soon as possible.

15. How Do We Get To You?
Give us your time and place. If you are flying in please give us not only your arrival time but also your flight number. If you are coming from elsewhere like the city please let us know at least 24 hours beforehand.

If you want to make your own way let us know too and we will provide you with the directions. Our farm does not have any signage to point anyone (including the local Tom’s Dick’s & Harry’s) the way here and we keep it that way that is private.

16. Do I Need Mosquito Nets?
Although there are mosquito nets provided with all the beds, we ourselves have never used them. But of course there will be amongst you who will freak out at 1 mosquito already having nightmares thinking it will turn you into a zombie.

17. Are There Many Mosquitoes?
The farm is mostly surrounded by the jungle and there will always be a mosquito or two usually at dusk and on rainy days. Some guests say they did not feel any mosquitoes and some do say that they were bitten.

18. How Do You Control The Mosquitoes?
We smoke the accommodation in the evenings with coconut husks. Apart from that mosquito coils are provided which are also pre-lit before you arrive. These last usually 8 hours. Please use these as and when you wish if ever needing more to be continued lit. In addition we have made many water features around the farm and utilize frogs and bats to keep the insect population down.

19. Should We Bring Our Own Repellent?

20. How Much Do You Charge For Children?
Children under 10 are complimentary to a maximum of 2 children for every couple. Additional children will incur additional charges as per website mentioned.

21. Do You Provide Laundry Service?
Although no mention is made on the main website, we still will take in your clothing and wash them IF you request as such. There is no charge for this although most guests will tip the lady who does not only the laundry but also keep the accommodation clear and clean every day. Alternatively you will have access to the washing machines in the laundry room below Olivia’s Bungalow but PLEASE do not overload the machine. Adrian’s Bungalow has its own washing machine to save you the walk.

22. Do We Need To Bring Our Own Soap & Shampoo?
No need. These are provided for all lodgings. But please bring your own if you wish so in case you think our soap don’t clean as good.

23. Do We Need To Give Tips?
There is no expectations for tips. But if you feel that the staff have done you a service which you feel deserves a tip then please do so by giving the tip directly to the staff concerned.

24. Are There ATM’s In Kuching?
Kuching is a small modern vibrant city. The nearest ATMs are at the PETRONAS petrol station or at the hyper supermarket (E-Mart) both 20-25 minutes away. There are of course many ATMs located in the city itself and as mentioned there are 3 ATMs at the airport.

25. Do The ATMs Dispense USD?
Sorry to disappoint you but the last time I checked Sarawak is not a state of America. Hence the ATMs dispense Malaysian Ringgits only.

26. Do I Need To Book For Trips?
No. The only challenge in relation to booking for trips is when you might want to visit a National Park and want a guide. The good ones we recommend are usually booked ahead of time but there is no need for a guide in most National Parks. Other things that need bookings are the Kuching Wetlands Cruise and Kayaking. You can book for these directly using the mobile phone which we will provide which have the numbers preset. These contacts speak and understand English.

27. Do You Cater To Vegetarians?
Yes, we do. And let us take this opportunity to remind you to let us know of any dietary requirements at the time of your booking. Please note that we can cater to a gluten free diet if needed. Please make known your diet requirements when making the booking.

28. What Kind Of Food Do You Prepare?
You eat what we eat unless there is a special requirement you might have. We try our best to make sure that the produce is at all times mostly grown and from the farm. There will always be vegetable dishes, fish from our ponds, meat and occasionally prawns or crabs depending on what we catch.
Please make known your diet requirements when making the booking, NOT at the very last moment when the meal is already served.

29. Where Do We Have Our Meals?
You will be sent the meals to your accommodation unless we inform you that we will be serving dinner at the main kitchen. Dinner at 7.00 PM unless otherwise specified. In the case of the Longhouse you take the meals there at the adjoining dining house. The Bungalow’s and Longhouses come with ingredients to prepare your own breakfast. PLEASE TAKE NOTE In cases where and when you are out for the day kindly let us know if you are returning for dinner. Otherwise we will assume you are not having the meal and will not prepare.

30. Is There WiFi?
Yes. And it is FREE.

31. Is There Cell Phone Reception?
Yes. There will also be a cell phone provided to you for the duration of your stay. And a friendly reminder to not abuse this with calling overseas unless you advise us in case of emergencies. Please remember to bring the cell phone with you when you go out in case we need to contact each other for whatever relevant reason.

32. Can We Explore On Our Own?
It is best that you explore the surrounding area on your own. We have our personal assigned complimentary cars you can borrow, just fill in the fuel which is at your own expense. Also PLEASE top up the fuel tank for the next guest. There will be a Garmin provided which has already been set with the usual sights. A map is also provided in the car. Don’t forget to bring along our in-house guide book for your easy planning. PLEASE NOTE to not mess with the settings of the Garmin in particular clearing the ‘Favourites’ which is important for each Guest use. It takes us a lot of time to re-program everything in.

33. Are The Trials In The National Parks Safe And Easy To Navigate?
Yes, the trials in all the National Parks are safe and well marked.

34. Do You Have A Driver?
If you need a driver, the rate is usually at RM100.00 per day. Give us as much notice as possible so as that we can let the freelance guide/driver know. Please pay them directly.

35. Is Self Driving Safe?
Kuching drivers are very laid back and take their time. All our Guests who drove so far have had no issue at all.

36. Are There Baby Cots Provided?
There are 1 baby cot each in the Bungalows & the Longhouse complete with it’s own mosquito nets.

37. Do You Have Baby Tubs?
Our guest’s average 50% families and it is very normal to have little children with them. Yes, we have baby tubs you can borrow.

38. Do You Have Baby Seats for the car?
Yes, we have 2.

39. What Kind Of Footwear Do We Need?
If you intend to do some serious walking then boots will be needed. Other than that sneakers and a pair of flip flops will do just fine.

40. Are There Leeches?
So far leeches have been encountered in National Parks after rain but rarely.

41. Do I Need To Bring Leech Socks?
No need.

42. Do You Provide Refreshments?
There is complimentary drinking water available in all the accommodations. Coffee, Tea, Juice and Sugar is also provided. These are all complimentary as with breakfast ingredients like eggs, sausages, jam, butter, milk, sugar and fresh farm baked bread. The refrigerator is also filled with Beer which is available for your convenience.

43. Are Meals Included In The Rental Price?
Yes, all meals (except lunch) when taken on the farm is included, Dinner is sent to you by 7.00 pm. The Longhouse folks are served at the Longhouse Dining House. Breakfast is a ‘Do It Yourself’ affair and all the ingredients are provided in the respective kitchens. Please note that on occasion we will invite you out for a meal at a local restaurant as many guests like to be adventurous and try the local food. But sometimes we are sick of our own cooking!

44. Is There A Television?
Yes. There is a television and DVR player in all the accommodations.

45. Do We Need To Take Anti-Malaria Medication?
If you feel you should and have been advised by your doctor then please do. I have lived in and near the jungle for most of my adult life and have never been infected by malaria.

46. Can The Tap Water Be Used For Brushing Our Teeth?
None of our teeth have fallen off and all our teeth are in good nick so far and we have not heard any complaints from the farm animals in regards to their teeth falling out because of the water. It would be safe to assume the tap water is safe for brushing your teeth. In case you still want to feel safe help yourself to the mineral water (complimentary), the water from the dispenser or even if you are feeling adventurous brush your teeth facing the sky (applicable when it is raining very hard)

47. How Do We Find You When We Are On The Farm?
We live on the farm which is 10 acres and even if you cannot spot us we are only a phone call away via the provided mobile phones. When we go out it will be for related farm chores. Otherwise just scream just you have gone mad.

48. What Are The Rates For The Accommodation?
The rates are stated on our website.

49. Do We Need To Bring Our Own Towels?
No, you will be provided with towels. Occasionally we will instead some dry leaves to wipe yourselves with if you want to go all organic.

50. Are The Car’s You Provide In Good Working Order?
These are our personal cars which we borrow you. These cars are always keep as well maintained as possible as the last thing we want is to have any of them break down and we have to spend the effort and time to go and ‘rescue’ you.

But of course there are occasionally wannabe stunt and test drivers or simply bad drivers who masquerade as Guests. We would like to record here our sincere thanks to these particular Guests for all the extra unnecessary repair bills we always wish we never have.

51. Is It Possible For Us To Be In The Same Room Within The Longhouse Or All Beds Separate?
Yes. Please note that even if you have children under 10 years old we will still provide an additional room for them for no charge if necessary.

52. Do You Have Discounts For Long Term Stays?
No, we do not.

53. Can We Come For Just A Daytrip?
The Kebun does not cater to day trippers.

54. Do You Serve Pork?
We do not serve pork.

55. Is Housekeeping Included In The Rate?
Yes it is. However we usually will only do the housekeeping when you go out. In addition we will be unable to do it if the doors are locked. We would like to take this opportunity to seek your cooperation in not wearing your footwear into the accommodation. This will help cut down our workload in needing to mop and dry the floors everyday.

56. Are Meals Included In The Rates?
All meals (excluding lunch) are included in the rate when taken on the farm.

57. What Time Are Meals Served?
Dinner is served by 7.00 pm and is delivered to you unless the times have been arranged otherwise. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that for all times we will not collect the dinner dishes until the next day. If you do not help to wash up then please leave the dirty dishes outside because wasted food will always attract rats and other jungle creatures.

58. Do You Have Any Free Water?
We assume you mean drinking water so the answer is ‘yes’. There are water dispensers in all the accommodation and also complimentary mineral water. In case this is not what you mean then Yes! the water to bath in is also free!

59. Is Petrol Included In The Rates?
No. The car will be handed to you with a full tank. Likewise when possible we will appreciate the car back with a full tank for the next guest. If you did not remember to top the tank up then please leave some cash to do just that to be fair to the next Guest.

60. Do You Give Discounted Rates For Locals?

We do not discriminate anyone thus the rates are the same for everyone.

61. We Understand That Car Is Available For Rent?
Our cars are NOT for rent. As stated on our website these are our personal cars which we borrow you. Please note fuel is at your expense and the car will be handed to you with a full tank. Please return with a full tank too.

62. We Are A Group Of 18 Adults. Is The Longhouse Available?
Our website clearly states that the longhouse sleeps 11 maximum. Anymore more stupid questions?

63. We Would Like To See Elephants When We Are At The Kebun?
We would like to see Elephants too at The Kebun but unfortunately we are in the WRONG East Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. The state you are referring to is Sabah to the north of Borneo Island.

64. We Wanted To Confirm The Price And What It Includes?
That information is already on the website.

65. Are There Any Activities We Can Do On The River Behind Your Farm?
If you want we can organize a boat for you to go fishing in or speak to one of the local fishermen to go out with them. Otherwise if you are experienced with outboards we will be more than happy to loan you our long boat to go explore or even fishing. Other than that there is always the opportunity to go swimming and play tag with the crocodiles.

66. Your Rate Includes Use Of A Mobile Phone And Is Your Number In It?
Yes, our numbers are pre-stored in it as with any other important number for guides and service providers so that you can contact them directly if needed.

67. How Do We Know What Fuel To Use On The Car?
The cars are all running on unleaded petrol. There is a sticker inside the fuel cap too but unfortunately there have been occasions where the Guest were momentarily blind (or just plain idiots) and pumped in diesel instead.

68. We Want To Book A Room In The Longhouse. But Need To Know If We Will Be Sharing The Room With Other People?
As mentioned on our website the main longhouse has 5 rooms for which sleeps from 1 to 3 each. The Headman’s Longhouse sleeps 4. So the answer to your question is ‘No’ you will not be sharing your room with anyone else other than your own party or if you prefer we can split you up. Yes, we understand sharing the room with your mother-in-law is not exactly very romantic.

69. Will We Have A Car For The Whole Time We Are Staying At The Kebun Or Do We Need To Share The Car?
Each car assigned to you (based on your accommodation type) is for you for the whole of the duration.

70. What Happens If A Car Breaks Down?
When and IF the car breaks down please go into full panic attack as you wonder what I will do to you. Joking aside, we will soonest replace the car for you. There will be no charge for this. Please bear in mind that on occasion we have had the pleasure of hosting some very careless drivers and even drivers who confess that they had not driven in 20 years! Please re-consider your booking if you are not a competent driver.

71. Do We Get Fresh Linen Every Day?
We change the linen when it is necessary.

72. Do We Need To Be Responsible For Any Breakdowns?
If the breakdown is just a matter of a worn out or damaged part it will not be your responsibility. However if it is/was a case of your carelessness or failed stunt driving than we will have to insist you be responsible for the replacement part/s.

73. The Allocated Car Is A Manual But I Only Know How To Drive With An Automatic. What Then?
Then you need to reconsider your booking with us. Do not come and nonchalantly mention that you do not know how to drive a manual when knowing full well the car allocated with your particular accommodation is a manual fully expecting us to provide you with a flick of my magic wand to make appear a auto-transmission car just for you. Many years of experience have made me very very attuned to bullshitters.

74. What Happens If We have A Flat Tire?
If you have a flat tire please to change it to the spare. If you are clueless as far as changing a flat is concerned please call us on the mobile supplied and we will do our best to come as quick as possible. A FRIENDLY REMINDER – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE WITH A FLAT UNTIL THE WHOLE TYRE IS RUINED!

AND Don’t be a cheeky bugger and conveniently not tell us there is a puncture just because you are worried to save a few Ringgit Malaysia. We don’t like to be surprised like the next Guest who has a puncture and discover the spare tyre is flat!

75. We Want To Book The Longhouse But Am Worried That It Will Be Very Crowded
As far as The Longhouse is concerned we will only have a maximum of 2 families at one time because there are only 2 cars allocated for The Longhouse. The ONLY time there will be more than 2 families will be when there is an overlapping of either the 1st or last night with a very late check out or very early check in.

76. Can We Just Book A Room In The Bungalow?
No. We rent by the Bungalow not by the room. If you like confining yourself to a room than a hotel room is your best solution.

77. Is There Any Other Hidden Cost Apart From The Accommodation Price Listed?
The price you see is the price you pay. There is no other costs associated with your stay that will be included.

78. Are The Rooms Equipped With Linen And Towels?
No. The rooms are supplied with fresh banana leaves every morning. Sorry, I mean Yes! There are linen and towels provided. But again you may also use the abundant dried leaves in our garden to wipe yourself if you truly want to go organic.

79. Can We Pay You In USD?
Yes. As long as you pay us the published rate in USD instead of RM’? And if you do pay in USD please pay us early and not at the last moment. Been quite a few times we were passed dodgy notes.

80. Does The Farm Have Any Wild Animals That Could Be Dangerous Like Tigers Or Jaguars?
There are no Tigers or Jaguars on Borneo Island. The most wild animal on the farm is me The Owner!

81. I Wanted To Confirm If The Room We Have in The Longhouse Has An Ensuite As Just Having Another Look At The Reviews It Seems Like Some Rooms Have Ensuite Bathroom And Some Do Not. If Possible Can We Have A Double Room With An Ensuite?
None of the 5 rooms in The Longhouse has an ensuite bathroom. Please see our website which has the basic information for the different accommodations. Only the Headman’s has an ensuite toilet/bathroom.

82. As You Know We Have Booked A Pick Up For The Airport In Kuching. In Case Our Pick Up At The Airport Misses Us Who Do We Contact?
Kuching International Airport has only one exit for it’s international arrivals. It would be difficult to miss you/us. We have not ‘lost’ a Guest yet but please call us at +60148866633 if needed. If all fails please dial for emergency services at 999.

83. If We Give You Advance Notice That We Might Be Back Late Is It Possible To Have Dinner After 7.00 pm?
Dinners are usually left on the steamer to be kept warm hence your arrival time to the farm for dinner is flexible. If you are going to be very late then please let us know. The steamer is on a fire and the water will eventually dry out needing us to constantly check.

84. I Noticed You Have Mosquito Nets In The Accommodation. Are These Functional Or Only For Decoration?
The mosquito nets are functional. However if you think we have made the effort to provide you with mosquito nets for decoration only please do not hesitate to not use it and just lie back and stare in wonder at these decorations.

85. Do You Speak English?
No. I am using my trans-galactic interstellar inter-dimensional alien translation device to communicate with you here in English.

86. Do You Have Any Discount?
Please visit your nearest supermarket. They seem to have discounts on a regular basis.

87. Do We Need To Bring Along Our International Passports When Visiting Sarawak?
An absolutely excellent question! Let me know what happens when you try coming without your international passport.

88. Can You Tell Me If There Is A Chance That The Crocodiles Will Attack If We Swam In The River Behind The Farm?
Before I answer your question please deposit the full amount for your booking.

89. Will It Rain When We Are There?
Your booking is 5 months from now. My ability to predict the weather is restricted to 60 seconds into the immediate future.

90.I Am Really Excited To Stay With You, Been Looking For A Farm Stay For Some Time Now. Can You Share A Bit More On How Actively We Can Be Involved With The Farm Work? What Kind Of Things Are Happening Over The Weekend?
How actively can you be involved in farm work all depends on you and what you are capable of. We would love to have someone (or 2) to mow (we only have 10 acres) the grass, do that overdue weeding, perhaps some spreading of manure by hand to fertilize the plants, help with the never ending maintenance work or even take over something simple like to clean up the animal food/water containers? If that sounds like it will already make you tired then perhaps some housekeeping because there is always things to wash/wipe/sweep since we are in the tropics. Or does taking over the animal feeding sound more exciting? By the way we would love to have someone take over the cooking in the kitchen. Please let me know what exactly are you capable of. As for what is happening over the weekend it will be the same as any ordinary day. Farm work is a 24/7 thing.

91. What Happens If We Gave A Deposit and Had To Cancel. Will We Get Our Deposit Back?
We will give you back your deposit less bank charges should you had to cancel with a reasonable period. If you had to cancel at the very very last moment then good luck with you squeezing me for your deposit back.

92. Can We Negotiate For A Rate Reduction If We Gave You A Very Good Review On TripAdvisor?
Leave us an absolutely fantastic review BEFORE you try make a reservation. Then email us with your requested dates. But I have an odd suspicion we will have nothing available for whatever dates you want. Ever.

93. Do You Allow Your Guests To Sunbath Naked?
Email me urgently as many photos (high resolution please) as possible of yourself in your birthday suit first. We need to see if you will be welcomed garden feature.

94. Do You Accept Payment via PayPal ?
We NO LONGER use PayPal.